Monday, May 27, 2013

JumpStart Toys(TM) Teacher's Learning Toy Pick of the Month

Joanne Garross - Retired Elementary
School Teacher & Gifted Coordinator
For this JumpStart Toys(TM) blog we interviewed retired elementary school teacher and gifted program coordinator, Joanne Garross, and asked her to choose a kids educational toy from our inventory.  The hands down learning toy favorite - the Melissa and Doug Lock and Latches Board!  Here are Mrs. Garross' answers to our questions about this terrific educational and developmental kids toy.

Q:  Why did you choose the Lock and Latches Board by Melissa and Doug as your "Teacher's Pick of the Month"?

A:  This toy has multi-dimensional learning aspects to it.  As children develop, the activities associated with this toy can increase and become more complex - extending the learning value of it over time.

Lock and Latches Board Kids Educational Toy
Melissa & Doug Lock and Latches Board
Q:  What are some of the educational benefits of this toy?
A:  It helps with the mental processing of how to solve a problem.  It also enhances:

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Finger dexterity, especially for kids with lax thumb muscles or weak hand strength
  • Left to right sequencing activities involving numbers and colors
  • Pattern, shape and animal identification
  • Line recognition (perpendicular, horizontal, parallel, vertical)
  • Math skills (counting, addition and subtraction, could create math story problems using this board)
  • Life skills for opening different types of locks and latches
Q:  Can the Lock and Latches board enhance language skills?
A:  Yes, an adult can help children build language and vocabulary in addition to using their imagination skills to create stories about what is behind the locks and latches, how they got there and how they were rescued.  Creative story-telling skills are important for kids.  Size concepts, such as "biggest" and "smallest" can be taught using the size of the windows and spacial relationships, such as "top", "bottom", "side by side" and "next to", can also be taught.

Q:  Are there additional reasons why parents, grandparents or teachers should purchase this toy?
A:  It's a good interactive toy for adults and children.  I really like the inclusion of parent activities on the back for easy reference.  It's also made of sturdy wood and all in one piece, making cleanup a breeze and making it a good travel toy for the car.  I also like that it has rounded edges instead of sharp edges at the corners.  I wish I were still in my classroom to use it.

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  1. The Lock and Latches Board is a good toy, I have had for the kids and found it quite helpful to the kids.
    Benny Johans