Friday, September 27, 2013

Preschool Activity for Kids - The Block Party

At approximately three years old, children begin to play and interact with other children and it can be more challenging to come up with new preschool activities to keep them occupied and learning. So, we propose "The Block Party Playdate".

Edushape Soft Textured Blocks
We love building blocks and other construction toys because they are "open-ended", which means that children play differently with blocks each time and there is no limit to their creativity and imagination. Block sets also come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures so mixing them together can be alot of fun, but not too difficult to separate back into the respective sets when it's time for cleaning up. Block play also allows kids to practice fine motor skills while having fun.  Even better, almost every kid has them, so there's no need to buy anything new for this engaging playdate idea that makes existing toys seem exciting again.  Our recipe for success is easy and fun.

Zoob Movable Construction Set

Kid's Block Party Playdate Ingredients:

4-6 children 3 to 4 years old
At least three different types of building blocks (try having each child bring a set of blocks to share)
Consider adding people figures, animals and other accessories for even more imaginative play
Lots of room for kids to spread out and build whatever they imagine
Healthy snacks for kids and adults
Plenty of time

Preschool Acitvity Playdate Tips:

  • Ask each mother to explain to their child ahead of "The Block Party" that they will be bringing their blocks to share with other children and they will get to play with other kids' blocks as well.
  • Be sure to talk about concepts such as sharing and what to do if they get frustrated rather than hitting, biting, knocking others' blocks down, etc. prior to getting together as well as when children first arrive at the party.
  • Melissa & Doug Farm Blocks
  • Designate an adult to help kids resolve conflicts that arise constructively.  When doing so, tell kids what to do; not just what not to do so they begin learning appropriate social skills.
  • Choose a good time for this get together so children are well-rested and ready to play and socialize. They also need plenty of time to play and be creative, so plan enough time that they are not rushed.
  • When the kids take time to have a snack, encourage language, social skills and an interest in them by asking them questions about what they are building.  Help them practice good table manners.
  • Plan for the adults.  Have cards, desert, maybe great coffee, whatever it takes to settle in and grab some social adult time while the kids are having fun.

ABC Nesting & Stacking Blocks

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

JumpStart Toys 10 Reasons to Love The Orb Factory’s Art and Craft Kits for Kids

Orb Factory Robots Mosaic Patterns
JumpStart Toys has added The Orb Factory’s Sticky Mosaics art and craft kits for kids to its product line!  We know customers are starting to think about holiday gift ideas for kids that focus on high quality, moderately priced and unique gifts for boys and girls, so we've researched arts and crafts for kids to find a brand that meets our quality standards, has several different themes, and provides a bonding opportunity for parents or grandparents.  Here are our top 10 reasons to love Orb Factory’s mosaic patterns:

Builds academic skills – These crafts for kids build math skills by reinforcing children’s knowledge of numbers, colors, and patterns. Just match the colors to the numbers for a beautiful mosaic!
Magical Flying Horses Art Kit for Kids

Enhances hand-eye coordination – Eye-hand coordination is one of the fine motor skills that's important for academic and life success.  Children build and enhance their abilities while having fun creating mosaic patterns!

Virtually no setup & cleanup time – No special knowledge or preparation is needed.  All children need is a clean surface on which to work on their mosaics. 

Reasonably priced – Sticky Mosaics are moderately priced and approximately four designs come in each box, which makes them very affordable. 
Notebook & Sparkling Pen

Theme variety – Kids have different interests, so we carry mosaic patterns for kids in a variety of themes - magical flying horses, pirates, robots, and more!

Makes a memory to keep – Kids love to give their creations to people they love.  These art and craft kits for kids build self-confidence and provide loved ones with a keepsake forever!

Builds conversational and emotional Skills – Start a conversation about the mosaic patterns to demonstrate your interest in the child.  It'll be enjoyable and can increase confidence and emotional security.  

Imaginista Duct Tape Jewelry
One-of-a-kind craft kits for kids make great gifts – The Orb Factory’s Sticky Mosaics funky notes and sparkling penduct tape jewelry, and curiosity kits pulsar powerballs also make wonderful Christmas gifts or birthday presents for kids because they are not easily found in large chain stores.  Thus, the gift is likely to stand out among other presents.  Duct tape craft kits and the pulsar powerballs are very popular with school-age kids and tweens!

Easy to start and stop – The multiple smaller projects included in each kid’s art and craft kit make it easy for them to begin and end work one quickly and easily without the hassle of a long setup or cleanup process.

Orb Factory's Curiosity Kits Pulsar Powerballs
Lightweight to mail/Simple to buy – The Sticky Mosaics box gives it the appearance of a big gift, yet these mosaics for kids are light and inexpensive to mail.  Finding mosaic patterns for kids is fast and easy at JumpStart Toys.  Items are shipped within 24 hours, so that means a great gift for kids is just a few clicks away!

To view available Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic designs, visit today!